Group Virtual Visits at CMG

CMG Pandemic Themed Virtual Group Visit Offerings – Catalogue of This Week’s Sessions 6/29-7/3 (updated

We have again added several new topics to our Virtual Group Visit offerings during the COVID pandemic. Many of these sessions focus on issues stemming from the way we suddenly find ourselves living. Some address choices we will need to make regarding the summer and the upcoming school year. A few are meant to provide access to useful information you might otherwise miss during this time. Feel free to forward this list to friends who are not CMG patients. They are welcome to register if space allows.

All sessions will take place on Zoom. We expect most sessions to have between 4 and 12 participants. The sessions are meant to be participatory, but if you prefer to keep your camera off and your microphone muted, you are welcome to do so. Questions can be posed directly by voice, or indirectly through the chat function. There is no up-front cost to participate. Sessions will be billable to insurance as would a normal visit with your provider.

Please take a moment to look at the offerings described below. If there is a session you would like to join, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office at 301-907-3960. Please include the name and date of birth of the patient, the session you would like to join, the provider who is leading it, the day and the time. We look forward to seeing you online!

Constipation - Understanding Constipation & It’s Treatment - Nurse Practitioner Suzannah Stivison
Wednesday 7/1 3:00-4:00

A review of the physical and behavioral aspects of constipation, soiling, and stool withholding behavior in children, and how to address them. Questions encouraged.

Coronavirus Fact and Fiction for the Adult Patient – Dr. Tim Arling
Tuesday 6/30 12:00-1:00

This session, focused on adult issues, will help clarify current thinking and dispel rumors related to the virus. Questions and discussion encouraged.

Coronavirus FAQ: What Every Parent Needs to Know Version 2.0 (Updated!) 
Monday 6/29 3:00-4:00 Dr. Rupert Vallarta

Everything you need to know about living through the pandemic with children. Includes recent scientific developments/recommendations in the past 2 weeks. Experiences of other countries with recent school openings. Risk stratify outdoor activities. Can I go back to work? This is meant to be an interactive session with a significant amount of time set aside for questions and discussion.

Daycare vs. Nanny vs. Au Pair: Child Care Decision Making During the Pandemic – Dr. Ana Markovic
Wednesday 7/1 3:00-3:45 Dr. Markovic

Many of us are at our breaking point caring for our children at home. For those who need to settle on a viable childcare plan moving forward during the pandemic, this session will address the benefits and risks of daycare, nanny shares, private nannies, Au Pairs, and family members as caregivers. Questions and discussion encouraged.

Introduction to Puberty for 4th-6th Grade Girls – Dr. Natalie Silverman
Wednesday 7/1 4:00-5:00

In this session for the girls themselves (not parents), Dr. Silverman will cover basic anatomy, body changes, hygiene and menstrual periods.

Maintaining and Managing Mental Health in Middle School Aged Kids During the Pandemic – Dr. Nancy Kadowitz
Thursday 7/2/2020 3:30-4:30

Understanding emotional changes during this stage of development. Suggestions on how to nurture during challenging times. Includes warning signs, open discussion, and Q&A.

Mommy and Me: Zoom Version - Dr. Ana Markovic, Lactation Consultant Holly McClain
Wednesday 7/1/20 1:00-2:00 Dr. Markovic (This week's focus: Feeding/Sleeping & Selfcare)
***Note different day for this week ***

This group is ideal for mothers of 2 week - 6 month old babies.  Topics include feeding support, sleep strategies, nutrition, finding balance, infant development, and most of all getting to know new moms and sharing experiences. Our traditional ways of connecting with one another have been turned upside down. We hope this group will be a welcome source of information and a forum for connecting with others. Drop in for one session or keep coming back.

Nutrition for Toddlers -- Dr. Natalie Silverman
Wednesday 7/1 11:00-12:00

A discussion of the nutritional needs of toddlers and young children. This course will answer questions about meals, snacks and beverages, calcium and dairy intake, need for multivitamins and other supplements and tips for creating a healthy eating household. We will also discuss strategies to help families struggling with picky eaters! Questions encouraged.

Packages, Public Spaces and Summer Plans – Dr. Tim Arling
Thursday 7/2 2:00-3:00

Using our knowledge of covid transmission, Dr. Arling will help assess risk in our everyday lives and classify common activities into low, moderate and high risk categories.

Rashes, Insect Bites, and More - Dr. Bertha Koomson
Thursday 7/2 3:00-4:00

A visual overview and discussion of summer rashes and other common rashes in kids.

Screen Time – Dr. Laura Panto Arling
Tuesday 6/30 11:30-12:30

Many families are having more screen exposures for ourselves and our children during this time, but how much is too much? And what are the actual medical consequences of screen time? Dr. Arling will discuss. Questions welcome.

Summer 2020: Are Day Camps, Pools, Beaches & Road Trips Ok This Year? -Dr. Ana Markovic
Thursday 7/2 3:45-4:30

A guide to decision making about summer plans for the family during the pandemic. Day camps, road trips, joint vacation with other families, community pools, beaches, amusement parks, and air travel will all be addressed. Questions encouraged.

Supporting your Child's Mental Health - Dr. Reva Snow
Monday  6/29  4:00-5:00

Understanding and supporting your child's mental health can be challenging especially as parents balance the demands of work and childcare. In this session we'll discuss understanding your child's behaviors and emotions as well as strategies to help. Questions welcome.

Teen Diet and Nutrition -  Dr. Shuchi Bhatt
Thursday 7/2  4:00-5:00

An overview of teenage nutritional needs(12-18 years of age) and eating habits.  This session will include discussion of different types of diets, including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, ketogenic and gluten free.  How to help your teen build healthy eating habits for life without being overly restrictive.

Testing for COVID Antibodies – Dr. Tim Arling
Wednesday 7/1 10:00-10:30am

Discussion of COVID antibody testing. What are the benefits and limitations? How can the results be useful? Who does it make sense to test? When and how can testing be done? If you would like to attend one of these sessions, please make sure to specify the date and time of the session, and the name of the patient.

Toddler Parent support group -- Dr. Laura Panto Arling
Wednesday 7/1 2:00-3:00

An extension of a "mommy and me" like structure, this group is meant to help you connect with other parents that are dealing with your same problems. Come discuss with other parents picky eating, poor sleeping, tantrums and more. Meant for 1-3 year child's parents. Overseen by Dr. Laura Arling. Come with your questions and best parenting stories. We can all relate!