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About Capitol Medical Group

Capitol Medical Group (CMG) has been providing care to patients from birth to twenty-one years of age in the Washington DC area since 1987.  Our team is committed to delivering comprehensive medical care with the latest medical knowledge available.  Capitol Medical Group is made up of eleven board-certified pediatricians, one pediatric nurse practitioner, one certified lactation consultant, and approximately 25 nursing and medical support staff.  We look forward to developing a lasting relationship with you and your family and helping your children grow into healthy, happy adults. 


 Flu Season 2019-2020

It is that time of year again - Flu Vaccine season! It is our strong recommendation that everyone age 6 months and above receive flu vaccine. 

Flu Shots: We will again be using the quadrivalent (protects against 4 strains of Flu as opposed to 3), thimerosol-free Flu Shots this year. Children age 6 months through 8 years who have previously received zero or one Flu vaccine in their life should be given two Flu Shots this year, at least 4 weeks apart. All other children and all adults should receive one Flu Shot each. 

Part of our Flu Shot order has arrived, and we will begin administering doses next week to children age 6 months and above. We recommend that everyone aim to get their families vaccinated by mid-November. See below for dates to receive Flu Shots over the next two weeks. Additional dates will be announced on our website as more flu vaccine arrives in our office.

Flu Mist: Though we recommend Flu Shots, we have ordered some Flu Mist for use in our needle phobic patients. Flu Mist is certainly better than going without any vaccination at all. We have recieved a limited supply of Flu Mist. Flu mist can be given to children age 2 and up.

CMG will offer as many opportunities as we can for kids and parents to come in and get their Flu vaccines, including weekdays and many Saturdays. 

Here are our next set of dates for Flu clinics over the next two weeks:

Flu Shots and Flu Mist, Age 6 months and Up:

Saturday, November 16th  

Wednesday, November 20th

Friday, November 22nd

Saturday, November 23rd

Tuesday, November 26th

Wednesday, November 27th

Wednesday, December 4th

Friday, December 6th

Saturday, December 7th

Please call the office (301-907-3960) to schedule a time to bring your family in for Flu vaccines. Parents and children can receive their Flu vaccines at the same time. If the next two weeks are not convenient for you, do not worry! There will be many more opportunities to bring your family in for Flu vaccine in the coming weeks and months. 

We will publish additional September and October dates in the next two weeks.